Videos that make learning fun

We make videos that invite children to be active and have fun across a wide range of learning with a focus on physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our videos can be used in schools, clubs or at home. We can explore themes of your choice and enhance the national curriculum across all Key Stages.

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Learning through imagination, creativity and play

Right now, we could all benefit from less worry and more fun. With our eduational videos, we embrace our silly sides and invite young inquiring minds to join us on all kinds of learning adventures.

Because we work with lesson planners who are experts in your chosen subject, we can cover absolutely any topic or activity to engage and educate children in schools, clubs and at home.

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How it works

We’ve got a fabulous team of experts who work hard behind the scenes – lesson planners, scriptwriters, camera operators, animators and editors – which means that if you have an idea, we’re all set up and ready to help you bring it to life.

After discussing the ideas for your videos, we will create lesson plans and storylines before creating the scripts. Once approved by you, we will set about organising everything we need for the shoot. The shoot takes place with your chosen presenter at a green screen studio, where we can make all kinds of magic happen. At the same time, one of our animators will be working away on creating colourful, exciting backgrounds and graphics to create the mood for your adventure. Everything then comes together in the edit where we add animation, music and sound effects.

How it works

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