What kind of video is best for your business or charity?

Once you’ve worked out what makes your customers and potential customers tick, the next step is to decide what format will not only appeal to them the most, but get your message across in the most effective and engaging way. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

A promotional video with professional voiceover

This type of video is ideal to sit on your website homepage to give your customers a quick overview of what you do and how you do it. A professional voiceover not only gives you complete control of the verbal message, but is one of the easiest ways to get a professional feel for your video. This allows you to concentrate on the visual element of your film, showcasing your product or services, as well as your staff at work and interacting with customers. The aim here is to show your customers not only the advantages of what you are selling, but your approach to and passion for your work.

An interview or testimonial video

If your business is all about you then you could consider appearing in the video yourself, answering a series of interview questions. This adds a personal touch and is the best way of getting your unique personality across. Or if you have close relationships with your customers, see if they are happy to give some testimonials on video for you. After all there’s nothing more reassuring to most customers than glowing recommendations from people just like them. And of course, you can always combine interviews with a professional voiceover for the best of both worlds!

An advert

Adverts tend to be short and engaging and provide just enough information to get potential customers intrigued about your product or service. A 20-30 second ad could be used as part of a social media campaign to get people talking, leading them to find out more on your website. You can also get your creative juices flowing with an advert by telling a story, creating something beautiful and distinct, or even making your customers laugh. They are perfect if you just want to focus on one product, or if you want to create a buzz around your business.

An animation

An animation allows you to get creative and create your own characters, locations and even a whole new world. It’s perfect for when live action camera can’t be used, (or when the subject matter is less than visually pleasing!) and can show something that doesn’t yet exist, as well as explaining abstract concepts and making them easy to understand. They are great for short, snappy social media videos and for reinforcing your brand logo and colours.


A whiteboard animation

Some ideas are just too complicated or abstract to get across well in a conventional film. This is where a whiteboard animation can come in really handy: they are great for communicating ideas and abstract concepts in a fun and visual way. Our whiteboard animations have a unique style, and every one is completely bespoke.

These are just a few ways you can get your message out to your audience, and if you’d like to talk your ideas through, we’d be happy to help! Give us a ring and we’ll help you create a video that is loved not only by you, but also by your customers. In the meantime, have a browse through our work for some inspiration!

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