So you’ve chosen a video production company for your video, and you have a shoot date. So what now?

Having a video made for your business can seem daunting at first. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. In fact, most people actually enjoy it! But in order to get the most out of your video shoot, and therefore your video, it is always best to be prepared, just like a good boy scout. Here are a few things you can do to prepare, to make sure your video shoot runs as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

1. Communicate
Stay in touch with your video production company in the build up to the video shoot. You may have a change of deadline, or perhaps something has come up which means you have to delay the shoot – if so, let them know. They should be able to bring the shoot forward or back if you give them plenty of notice. If you have any other concerns about the shoot, again, let them know! Most video production companies are aware that making a video is a new thing for you and they will be able to sort out any problems and set your mind at ease.

2. Organise your talent
Make sure all of your staff, customers or talent who are making an appearance in your video, are aware of when and where the shoot will take place, and what will be required of them. If you’d like them to wear something specific or bring along props, let them know well in advance. It’s always a great idea to remind everyone involved exactly what will be happening a couple of days before the shoot is due to take place, a quick telephone call or email is normally enough.

Filming interview

3. Think about branding
If you still have a few weeks before your video shoot, and you’ve been meaning to get your staff new uniforms, have your vans re-painted or branded, or even have new signage put up, now is the time. Having your logo appear throughout your video will not only make your company look more professional but will reinforce your brand multiple times in a short space of time!

4. Stop it and tidy up
OK, so at the risk of sounding like your mother, it really is important that you clean and tidy up (or you’ll go to bed without any supper). The appearance you give off as a business is especially important when it is about to be immortalised in video form to the depths of the interweb until the end of time. Now, we wouldn’t dare suggest that your premises are anything short of immaculate, but whether your shoot is happening in an office, a workshop, a shop or a factory, make sure it’s looking as sparkly as sparkly can be. Clear away those crisp packets and saucy calendars. Pretty things up a little if you like, with some fresh flowers or pot plants to add some colour to the scene. Take a look around, and if there’s anything you wouldn’t want a customer to see, then get rid (or at least bundle it away in a drawer somewhere).

Now relax and have a great shoot!