Promotional video case study: Authentic Health

Pete Anderson is a qualified Shiatsu instructor based in Nottingham. He approached Fuzzfox to see if we could help him create a video to show potential clients some of the benefits of Shiatsu. After a wonderful complimentary shiatsu session, Pete opened up to us about how he found the video production process!

Tell us a little bit about your business and what makes you tick…
I’m a health and wellbeing practitioner based in Nottingham. I help people look after their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. I do this with weekly yoga classes, mindfulness courses, and Shiatsu – which is a physical therapy involving muscular work, skeletal realignments and acupressure points.

What made you decide to get a video made?
A client said to me that people have either never heard of Shiatsu or they think it’s the best thing in the world. I wanted to find a way to raise its profile, and help people to understand what it involves as well as its benefits, and to raise the profile of the services I offer. A video seemed the most effective way to make that happen.

What was the video shoot like?
I was stunned at how effortless the whole thing was. Laura guided me through the whole process, and made it simplicity itself. She filmed me giving a Shiatsu treatment, and then picked a great outdoors spot to do the interview, where I just had to talk about my biggest passion! The questions she asked really helped me to say the things I wanted to say on the video. It was totally unscripted, which I think is why it comes across as being so natural.

What did you think to the final video, and what reaction did you get from others?
Absolutely fantastic. It looks so professional and says everything I want it to. People have told me that it’s very informative and that my passion and knowledge really come across, and a filmmaker friend of mine complimented it for its production.

Has the video been effective in drawing more people to your website or getting you more work?
I’ve certainly had quite a few new clients mention the video in their first session, how it helped them to understand what shiatsu was all about, and convince them that they would feel comfortable working with me, so unequivocally yes!

What would you say to other local businesses who were considering getting a promotional video?
Watch my video, and see the quality of the final product you’ll get, trust that Laura will guide you through the process, and it will be simple and easy, and that your existing and potential clients will be impressed. A friend of mine has already been in touch with Laura and is planning to get one for his business based on seeing mine and my recommendation – and if you’re nervous about it, come to me for some yoga or meditation beforehand!

Pete Anderson has spent over 20 years studying, practising and developing techniques to improve the health and wellbeing of his clients in every aspect – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. To chat to him about how he can help you, get in touch with him here.

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