Tour video case study: Dystopian Future Movies

In Autumn 2016, we joined Nottingham band Dystopian Future Movies, and Glasgow band Fvnerals on part of their UK tour. We filmed their performances each night and edited on the go, (often in the van or on a kind host’s living room floor!) and created a series of three videos to help them promote the rest of their tour. We spoke to Caroline Cawley, singer, guitarist and the brains behind Dystopian Future Movies, to find out how she found the experience!

Tell us a little bit about your band and what makes you tick…
Dystopian Future Movies is a post-metal, experimental band based in Nottingham. DFM came about when I began to write some rudimentary melodies and ideas in a very cathartic way a few years ago. Never having embarked on writing music before, it flowed out of me with an urgency I couldn’t ignore. I didn’t really know what direction the ideas would go in and I remember feeling it important to allow them to forge their own path using whatever instruments were to hand at the time. I was looking for a drummer to collaborate with when I fortuitously witnessed Bill Fisher play with his blues band in the pub I worked in at the time. We have allowed the project to evolve in a very organic way since then. After two short releases in 2015 and 2016, we are about to release our debut album in June 2017.

What made you decide to get some videos made?
A visual representation to accompany a musical project seems to have an increased importance with the development of content driven media and social networking. Much like the dawn of the music video in the MTV era, fans want to have a visual accompaniment to their favourite songs. We were embarking on a UK tour with Fvnerals at the time FuzzFox got involved and we thought that it would be a great promotional tool for the tour itself as we released each video as we went along and also a great document of our time on the road.

Fvnerals and Dystopian Future Movies – Autumn tour – Part 1

What was the video shoot like?
Laura at FuzzFox really understood the vibe of the two bands and created something sensitive to what we both do. It was effortless really, we hardly needed to specify what we would like as she skillfully got a measure of the vibe and documented it beautifully. As a film maker, Laura was unassuming and skillful. She managed to capture the energy of the performances without imposing and surrounded those snapshots with artistic glimpses of the venue and surroundings. Being on the road is hectic and Laura only added to the vibe. Needing little or no direction, it was a pleasure to have her along.

What did you think to the final videos, and what reaction did you get from others?
The results were really something! As the tour proceeded, both bands uploaded the videos to their social media sites and people commented and got in touch while we were on the road about attending forthcoming tour dates and it created a real buzz around what we were doing at the time. The videos gave a professional edge to what we do and that is hugely important in today’s over saturated diy scene.

Have the videos been effective in helping you promote your band or reaching new fans?
Absolutely! Content on Facebook and You Tube is a hugely important promotional tool, especially when a lot of bands self-promote and release music without the help of PR companies or labels these days. Well made videos denote a band taking themselves seriously and visual content has gained us new fans and an increased interest especially from online and print publications around the world.

Dystopian Future Movies – Autumn tour – Part 2

What would you say to other bands who were considering getting a video?
Music videos are an engaging way to put your music across to a wider audience and I would say, entirely necessary. It is also a very fulfilling way to work within another creative medium and collaborate with someone who may prove to extract new meaning from the songs and let them reach their full potential. Making videos has opened new doors for both of the bands that Bill and I are in and we plan to make many more.

When are you next on tour and where can people find out more about DFM?
We will release our debut album in early June 2017 and will do a short launch tour around this time. Keep your eye on www.dystopianfuturemovies.com for updates. Join our mailing list to receive your free download of our single NYD and be the first to hear about digital, physical releases and brand new merch!

Fvnerals and Dystopian Future Movies – Autumn tour – Part 3

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